By the magical sounds of music of violin you feel unforgettable moments .

I was born in Armenia on March 15 in 1964 .

At my young age I won many awards . In my 11 years I took part in the competition for " Young Talent " and got a degree here . Already at the age of 14 I won the first place in the Republic Competition for young violinists .

I studied at the Tshaikovsky musicschool . After I got a Master's degree at the Yerevan State Conservatory. During this study I was passionate about jazz and folk music .

I had an experience by playing in the Armenian National Symphony Orchestra . After my Postgraduate in Moscow I played in the Bolshoy Theatre in Moscow .

In 1996 I decided to switch completely to jazz , folk and pop music. Since 2000 I played at the Savoy Hotel in Moscow .

Since then, I live in Belgium and take part in different events including Hilton and Radisson in Antwerp.